Plato Group Overview

Excellent things are rare’ (Plato)

Plato Group is a compact but highly effective recruitment team. Strongly established in Australian and New Zealand recruitment markets, we operate across all services and disciplines including:

  • Executive and managerial
  • Engineering and technical
  • Finance and accounting
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Production / manufacturing
  • Research & development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Logistics and supply chain management


 Our mission

 To add value through difference, offer quality by delivering premium services, and build relationships based on partnering and respect.


In June 2001 when Richard Weston asked Michelle Poulton to join him in developing a new Melbourne-based recruitment firm that would enable both parties to deploy their considerable recruiting expertise, neither was in any doubt as to the nature of the organisation they would seek to build.

The new entity would permit the two professionals, both equally passionate about making a difference for their clients, to bring some fresh thinking to the time-honoured practice of recruitment.

It would neatly fill a market niche overlooked or ignored by traditional advertised selection and executive search firms. It would employ consistent, rigorous methodology and unique selection tools, supported by proprietary technology. And it would aim single-mindedly for excellence.

The search for a name and brand identity to encapsulate all this did not take long. A renowned Greek philosopher, one of most influential of any age, had provided the direction over 2000 years ago. Plato, who helped to lay the foundations of Western philosophy, government and science, had much to say about excellence then that is still perfectly relevant today.  Excellence is rare; discerning people have always valued it and always will.

Cutting-edge consulting expertise and technology cement Plato Group’s reputation as a preferred recruitment and selection services provider for leading private and public sector organisations.


  • Quality

    Single, stable team

    The same fine-tuned skills that won early recognition from business, industry and government in 2001 are still at work today.

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  • Value

    Agreed fee, no add-ons

    A single agreed all-inclusive fee means no unexpected add-ons or hidden costs to blow your budget.

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  • Transparency

    Premium level of service

    Plato Group believes so strongly in the concept of reliable, ethical service that we offer 'industry best' guarantees.

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