Single, stable team

The same fine-tuned skills that won early recognition from business, industry and government in 2001 are still at work today.

Plato Group consistently delivers recruiting results with an unchanged team.

In a prominent UK study involving a large number of respondents at senior levels of industry, business and government, an ongoing relationship developed over time with a stable, skilled and experienced recruiting team was recognised as a key driver of success in effective recruiting operations.

Richard Weston founded Plato Group in 2001 and since then he and his team have formed the core of Plato Group.

Richard Weston

  • Principal

    Richard Weston principal plato executive searchOn completion of science and business degrees at the University of Western Australia, a postgraduate diploma qualification in Information Technology and several formative roles in the resources, utilities and telecommunications sectors, Richard joined Chandler & MacLeod as an Executive Selection Consultant.

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